About Us

We help you find real, useful discounts on items that are most valuable to your retirement lives. We built this company to serve you and the other 47.3 million retirees in the US.

Everyone wants to save a buck… let us help you. 

No need for passwords, we won’t sell your data and we won’t ever spam you.  Just come here to find savings.

We are based in Seattle – the home of ecommerce.  The idea started based on a need for our own parents to find ways to stretch their dollars. Our site here is clean because we will not advertise nor stuff products to push you to buy.  

How do we work? Simple, our teammates and family members contract with brands and service providers to find and create the best possible discounts for retirees.  We keep the lights on by receiving consideration for the good customers we send over to them to learn about the product/service.